Kurdistan Referendum: Expected Results, Iraqi Sanctions

تم نشره في Tue 26 September / Sep 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Kurds protesting in favour of independence flying Israeli flag- (Source)
  • Kurds protesting in favour of independence - (Source)

BAGHDAD —AlGhad—Kurds in the Iraqi-Kurdistan province voted yesterday, Monday, in favour of separation from Iraq, by a landslide, in utter disregard of Baghdad’s threats and regional countries.

Despite the claims by Kurdish leaderships that the poll is intended only to leverage the Province in the upcoming negotiations with Baghdad, turnout reached 76 per cent by 5pm.

Preliminary results are expected within the next 72 hours, Kurdish sources have informed AlGhad, even though the results are “obvious”.

Meanwhile, Baghdad has begun pushing for sanctions against the Kurdistan province, ranging from border lockdowns to trade sanctions.

Subsequently, a source at the Iraqi central government told AlGhad that regional players, mainly Iran and Turkey, have shown readiness to cooperate.

Sources within parliament and government have called for an emergency Sunni-Shiite convention of Iraqi leaderships to advance reconciliation with the Kurds.

Furthermore, voices are rising in calls to revisit Iraqi policies towards minority components of the Iraqi society, to preserve unity.

As for Iraqi vice president, Nouri Malik, he claims that the referendum stands for war against Iraqi and the nation’s unity.

More so, Iraqi National Coalition leader, Salah Jabouri, said that “Barazi’s decisions were far more decisive than those of the Iraqi President, Haidar Abadi”.