Some 4,000 Truckers Cannot Afford to Renew Permits Due to Financial Hurdles

تم نشره في Tue 26 September / Sep 2017. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— Due to the border lockdown with Iraq and Syria, which has put the land shipping sector in a stall for nearly two years, some 4,000 truckers are now unable to renew their freight transportation permits, says Mohammad Dawood, chairman of the Jordanian truckers association.

Now that the Tureibil border cross with Iraq has been reopened, it is vital that the land shipping sector rebuilds its capacity, but the operators of the sector have been long affected by the border closure, Dawood told AlGhad.

Truckers can no longer cover operational costs, let alone larger costs, “which calls for the advancement of real solutions” he said.

One of the solutions Dawood suggested is revisiting the income tax hike imposed on the sector, which stands now at 20 per cent instead of 14 per cent as it used to be.

On average, income tax is estimated at JOD600, which is an amount truckers cannot afford under the circumstance, sector specialists have underlined.

The sector has lost over JOD665 million over the last six years, overall, and despite these losses, respective bodies have made no effort to find solutions or compensate for the losses.

Meanwhile, according to the Chairman of the Land Transport Regulatory Commission, Salah Louzi, the sector has been extended a 50 per cent exemption on income taxes, to help recover from the sector’s accrued losses.

Moreover, he confirmed to AlGhad that the Commission is working hard to devise solutions to the sector’s biggest problems, in order to help the domestic sector’s recovery.