Why Jordan?!

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Mon 2 October / Oct 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

To the rest of the world, or at least part of it, Jordan is responsible for more than just the refugees within its sovereign territories.

Several international parties, as well as Syrian, hold Jordan responsible for the safety of internally displaced Syrians (IDPs).

Take for instance, the Rukban camp, as an example on the unfair treatment Jordan receives.

Every time the camp goes low on nutrition or medication, Jordan is blamed for “failing to act”, as if the camp was on Jordanian soil and under Jordanian administration!

For more than two years, Jordan has taken humanitarian responsibility for the Rukban camp, and has paid the price for it in blood.

Seven Jordanians soldiers passed in one of the terrorist attacks carried out in the heart of Rukban, and still, Jordan is somehow falling short in its duties, as the world would see it!

Make no mistake, no one is blame the Syrian IDPs for it, they —like us— are just stuck in this storm of warfare and blind terrorism.

All things considered, Jordan has the right to protect itself; our soldiers and borders.

Without fail, Jordan did everything it took to secure the borders, without it every having any effect on the continuation of humanitarian aid to the camp.

Recently, however, the situation in Rukban changed.

With the Syrian army advancing on multiple fronts in the Syrian South, the road to Damascus has fallen almost completely under the Army’s control.

This allows for the UN’s humanitarian organisations in Damascus to take over the aid supply operation to Rukban.

Additionally, the southern and eastern parts of Syria have been cleansed of terrorists, which means that the Syrian IDPs in Rukban can return home safe from ISIS’s threat!

In the northern parts of Syria, UN bodies have taken over the aid supply operation. No one there blames Turkey for anything, or demands anything of it, since the ceasefire came into effect!

The entirety of the Syrian situation is seeing fundamental underway changes; the ceasefire, the De-Escalation Zones, which have proven solid, and the Syrian army has retaken much of the once lost Syrian territories.

All of the above has reflected positively on the aid operation. UN envoys are able to move more freely across Syria, to deliver aid to almost every part of the country, including the Syrian South.

Subsequently, there is an increase in the reverse influx of refugees and IDPs.

Soon enough, Rukban’s own IDPs will go home, and already, official estimates indicate a marginal decline in the number of residents, now that winter is coming.

In any way, Jordan is not responsible for the humanitarian situation the Rukban Camp, and the government must be direct about it.

International organisations must step in, in coordination with the Syrian government, to secure safe passage home for the IDPs of Rukban, and make their return easier.

Jordan’s only responsibility is towards the refugees within Jordan’s sovereign territories, up until the moment they return home.

This alone has had a terrible cost on Jordan’s infrastructure, resources, water, environment, society, and economy; the budget is only a part of it!

No one has stepped in for Jordan; none of the Donors remained true to their pledges.

So why should Jordan’s role extend to those beyond its borders when there is room now for the respective international organisations to do their jobs?

If not, then why not have one of the wealthy or oil-producing states do it?

Why must Jordan do what the entire world has failed to do?

Why on earth must Jordan carry the burden of the world failure to take responsibility towards the Syrian IDPs in the south as well as the refugees?!

Where is the rest of the “free” world?! Where are they from all this?!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.