Muwaqqar Re-Elections is Government Decisions, not IEC’s — Says Kalaldeh

تم نشره في Wed 11 October / Oct 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Chairman of the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), Dr Khaled Kalaldeh - (AlGhad)

AMMAN —AlGhad— In a statement the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Chairman gave AlGhad on Monday, Dr Khaled Kalaldeh says that the Commission is responsible for organising elections not deciding on them, which is otherwise the government’s decision.

On the supposed Muwaqqar elections redo, he explained that this too is a government decision, and that the IEC “just plans, organises, and executes”.

Earlier, the government decided to annul the results of the Muwaqqar elections, after a group of people broke into a number of polling centres in the Central Badia District of Muwaqqar during the elections in August.

The vandals held the elections oversight committee at one of the polling centres hostage and tampered with the ballot boxes in at least three other centres.

Nearly two months since the onslaught, the government has yet to decide on the re-election in Muwaqqar.

Since the annulment, the district is being run by a temporary committee appointed by the government, a source at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs told AlGhad.

Meanwhile, oversight bodies and spectators say that the IEC has the right to hold the re-elections, according to Articles (30) and (55) of the Decentralised Law and the Municipal Law, respectively.

On the matter, AlGhad tried to get the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs to comment on the issue, but the Ministry did not respond.