Jordanian Lives Matter

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Sat 14 October / Oct 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

After everything we put up with, the failures, the uncertainty, the exclusion, everything; it is safe to say, the truth is the least we are owed.

More than anything, the families of the martyrs in the Israeli Embassy incident in Amman deserve to see their loved ones’ murderer brought to justice.

As little comfort as it may bring those who suffered this unfathomable loss, it does a great deal to see that their loss was not without consequence.

It will not bring back the dead, but it will send the living a strong message, that Jordanian lives mean a lot. That we, Jordanians, are not so easily expendable!

Three months have come and gone since the Israeli killer murdered our fellow Jordanians, one of them not 18 years old.

On the very day of the incident, the killer, along with the rest of the embassy crew, left the country in what came across as a provocative attempt to antagonise the Jordanian people.

The Israeli prime minister’s demeanour? Well, that was something else altogether.

If anything, it was a celebratory reception of murderers, one congratulating the other on his safe return.

In the meantime, Jordan has rejected every Israeli request to resume the diplomatic mission in Amman, until Jordan’s terms are met.

First, Israel must make an official apology for the crimes committed by their killer diplomat. Second, the murderer stands trial and receives justice. Third, the Israeli ambassador at the time does not return to Amman.

So far, the government is standing its ground.

In fact, authorities are issuing new passports, free of charge, to every Jordanian who can prove their passport is still at the Israeli embassy.

When His Majesty met with the MPs last week, He said that the Israeli killers responsible for the deaths in the Embassy incident, as well as the martyrdom of Jordanian judge, Justice Raed Zuaitar, must all be brought to justice.

Now, what does all this tell us?

Jordan’s adamant resolve aside, it shows that Jordanian lives do matter.

As some have been shamelessly seeking Israel’s blessings, Jordan’s stand has been steadfast, and not only in the case of these murders, but also on the political frontier.

Chief among Jordan’s firm stances is the Kingdom’s tireless stand for Jerusalem and the massive diplomatic efforts relayed to protect the holy city’s Arab identity against Israeli’s Judaisation schemes. Put aside the daily provocations of Jerusalemites.

This battle, Jordan fights on all tiers of the political and diplomatic frontiers, all around the world.

Last of these battles was the UNESCO fight for Palestine, which ultimately went in favour of recognising the Palestinian State.

It drove the Israelis and the Americans so mad that they pulled out of the UNESCO “in protest” over “anti-Israel bias”. This has stripped the Israelis bare in the eyes of the world and the United Nations, alike.

Jordan may be the only Arab country still putting up a fight for the Palestinian Cause. Who else is pushing for a comprehensive and fair solution to the “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict?

Jordan’s reasoning is that the Palestinian Cause lies at the heart of the extremists rhetoric and justification. So long as the cause remains unaddressed, extremism will always find grounds to propagate their violent and senseless alternatives to peaceful efforts and diplomacy.

That said, our leaders and diplomats have spared no effort trying to enlighten the world on the dangers of keeping the Palestinian causes suspended without resolution. Especially to the Americans.

As a result, Jordan’s efforts seem to have succeeded in swaying the US to postpone their Embassy relocation plan. Not to mention the Jordanian-Palestinian vision for the implementation of the Two-State Solution, by the 1967 borders.

Jordan is all in on this to find a sustainable solution.

Meanwhile, others countries venture in pointless destructive wars, wasting countless lives and unfathomable fortunes to secure only their own demise.

No other country is putting up a fight, except for Jordan.

Jordan’s decision during the Israeli Embassy crisis was not easy, to say the least. But it only reaffirms the government’s respect for Jordan and Jordanians, as well as international law, all the while making sure our rights are not forfeit.

Failing to deliver justice in these cases will not only hurt Jordan, mind you, but the entirety diplomatic device, worldwide.

It would tear deep at the heart of the Geneva covenants, disrupting the very moral pillars upon which rests the entirety of the world’s legislative principle.

Were it not for the reassurances and guarantees of these international covenants, the killer would not have been allowed to leave.

Otherwise, it makes no sense to let a killer walk free from a murder, simply because they’re registered as a diplomat!

The Israeli Embassy incident is not an exclusive domestic Jordanian issue, as one ranking official put it.

In order to address it, we need to consider the law.

This is how the Jordanian government sees it, and this is the officials’ approach to building a strong, unwavering case, to bring the killers to justice.

The Israelis cannot go on ignoring every international law without someone holding them responsible for their crimes at some point.

It is about time someone does.

Three months have passed and Jordan is still standing strong by its position.

It sends an important domestic message, and an equally important one to Israel and its allies; that Jordan will not just stand by, and that Jordanian lives matter!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.