The Terrorist State Has Fallen, But the Threat…

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Wed 18 October / Oct 2017. 07:31 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

The north Syrian province of Raqqa was finally liberated from the clutches of the monstrous group.

Until very recently, Raqqa was ISIS’s most vital stronghold in Syria, second to Mosul, in Iraq, which was also liberated by the Iraqi army not long ago. Next to nothing remains of ISIS’s rouge state, now that they have control over neither one of their “de-facto” capitals.

Syrian Kurds, under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), fought bravely alongside their Arab comrades against the terrorists who sank Raqqa in darkness for many long months.

One can only imagine the atrocities committed crimes against the residents of the city, by the terrorists, as they tortured Raqqa’s men, women, and children alike. They even took them for human-shields during the fight, and as they left the city; they were ruthless.

The sight of a woman in taking to the streets in front of the cameras, tearing her clothes in expression of salvation and deliverance from the reign of the terrorists, is as expected as it is heavy.

What were they thinking, really, those blood-crazed killers when they invaded Raqqa? Did they think that they can just ban together, from around the world, under the banners of this so-called Islamic State, to reign over an ancient Syrian city as Raqqa, so rich with diversity and culture?

Assassins and sell-arms from all sorts of places and backgrounds, came all the way to Syria, hoping to rule over some of the Levant’s most ancient peoples. Naturally, only to be driven out like the cowards they are!

The truth is that the Kurds put up a great, heroic fight against ISIS, and gave hundreds of lives to free Raqqa and the region surrounding it!

Putting aside, the Kurd’s separatist aspiration in Iraq, it is pointless and ignorant to assume otherwise.

The role of Kurdish women in the Kurdish effort for liberation was instrumental.

In fact, they have delivered a unique, leading model for women all across the Arab World and the region, fighting against terror.

Their sacrifices were no less ground-breaking and effective in effort to bring down the terrorists.

To us, Jordanians, news of Raqqa’s liberation has a different echo to our hearts and minds.

It was there that the Jordanian martyr, Moath Kasasbeh met is his brave but horrific fate. His resident presence presides deep within us, haunting us. His memory lives, ever remembered for his unwavering strength and sacrifice. And even though Jordan’s justice was delivered to the animals who carried out this dreadful crime, it does not erase the fact of it or its residual.

It still has an impact on us, and the liberation has a taste of joy to it, heavy with pain, pride, and retribution, even though every single ISIS militant involved in Kasasbeh’s death was eliminated, as promised.

Still, Raqqa’s thirst was once quenched by the sacrifice of one of our own, and it brings us joy to learn that ISIS no longer desecrates his resting place and that of many brave others, with its presence there!

We know for a fact that dozens of Jordanians were killed in these not-so-unfortunate Raqqa battles, and maybe even more have fled.

They too will meet the same fate in the Syrian Badia, and not a single terrorist will return. Anyone who tries to cross back in will die!

That said, the most important thing now is that Raqqa is today free, as their residents toil now to put together what the terrorist tore apart.

Over the next few days, we will learn more about the terrorist group’s crimes against the unarmed citizens of Raqqa, and it is crucial that we document these tragedies.

All must learn of the calamities of ISIS’s reign, the young before the old.

As for Raqqa, no one knows what the future has instore for it, but it is likely that the SDF will not remain their for long.

They will probably hand it over to the Syrian authorities on the condition that a local governance body is established to maintain the peace and facilitate necessary civil services.

Nonetheless, whereas the terrorists’ de-facto state may have fallen, their threat has not.

The ISIS threat has spread to all ends of the earth, and our fear is that they are among us, here, waiting, lingering, ready to explode at any given moment!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.