Jordan’s Part

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 25 October / Oct 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

It is strange how certain ideas spread like wildfire among Jordanians.

The moment someone brings up Jordan’s functional role in the region, how it is over and done, and how we’re facing major existential challenges, people start talking about it as if it were an inevitability!

Some, based on the givens of the phase, assume that because of Israel’s openness to dealing with other regional states, Jordan’s functional, geopolitical role is coming to an end.

This is also due to the Arab countries abandonment of Jordan, economically speaking, particularly the Gulf, which only reinforces the idea that we’re now dispensable.

More so with the Israeli far-right organising the “Jordan is Palestine” conference, one cannot help but wonder, especially with the three traitors there, making it sound like a reality.

Notably, the Israeli right has been trying to propagate the “Jordanian Solution” for decades now. This isn’t news for us Jordanians. So why is it taking new dimensions at this point?

It sounds like it is meant to devalue our trust in our own state!

There is no doubt that Jordan is undergoing a suffocating economic crisis, but it is far from existential.

On the other hand, the rising tension between Jordan and Israel has nothing to do with the latter’s recent openness to regional states.

Jordan’s assumed brokerage role is irrelevant to the real causes of the strain.

Contrary to this silly assumption, it has far more to do with the leadership’s refusal to forfeit the rights of the Jordanian victims in the Embassy Incident. Not to mention our firm stand against Israel’s relentless attacks against Islamic and Christian religious endowments in Jerusalem.

People giving into this assumption seem to forget that Jordan is just over a hundred years old. A brief history during which so much has been accomplished.

Jordan, the young state, has in such a small period of time build a strong security, military and civil devices, with millions of educated citizens.

There are over a million Jordanians overseas contributing to the rise of nations in the region and abroad.

They also seem to forget that this nation is blessed with a people whose lives they would give to safeguard it against any conspiracies to bring it down!

Strangely enough, as it saddening and infuriating, we see this debate picking up wind in these last few days, showing only how little faith our people have in this country and its future!

Some of them have even gone to humouring the enemy’s wishes, while others have completely adopted the rhetoric, not realising the bait we’re being lured into.

We’re giving a lie, a rumour, and a baseless assumption sustenance, with our mindless parroting of it.

In the meantime, the architects of this hostile propaganda will hope we lie and lie until it becomes true, instilled within our minds, tearing us apart, by dismantling the bond which brought us all together for over a century.

This bond has pulled us through the darkest of times, unity, faith in this country, and they want to tear it away from us!

Sustainability is not in doubt here. The suggestion, owing it all to this “theory” on Jordan’s part in the region, as a condition for continuity, has died out long ago. The entirety of the “proxy, isolation state” suggestion has no longer the supporting basis it once had in some people’s minds.

Instead of parroting this senseless theory, never mind the facts, it would be wise for its proponents to research it thoroughly, and see if it still stands. Because it doesn’t!

Some may have interests in showcasing Jordan as a frail weak country, and that the Kingdom’s continuity is dependent on another state’s support in return for allegiance.

To be honest, this does not stand.

If that were the case, how could Jordan, then, withstand the tsunami of the Arab Spring, with so little resources, having weathered the storm to safety stronger and more united than ever?!

Meanwhile, there are major states in the region, with hundreds of years of history, and scalable economy, facing demise and sunk in bloodshed?!

Jordan is a fortress, and this isn’t just talk.

It is fact reinforced by the givens of reality, and we need to be careful what ideas we propagate that would only serve the enemy, instead of parroting on about it!

We need to realise how Jordan, thanks to its leadership and its people, miraculously pulled through the tying times past.

We must not be susceptible to theories propagated for one single purpose, which is to weaken the people’s faith in their country!

It is in moments like these that our resolve must be unwavering, to turn this challenge into an opportunity to build self-dependency and construct our nation-state further, far from the silly theories long gone!

We need to manage our limited resources, optimise and capitalise on them, to build a strong, sustainable political and economic reality!

The world can go on trying to propagate this assumed functional role of Jordan, our part they so want us to adhere to. But the truth is that the history of our nation, whose own have built this country out of the ashes does not support any such claim!

So we all need to stand up to these baseless ideas, to push forward towards building our nation state by strengthening our domestic frontiers against any such conspiracy.

The enemies’ only way to hurting Jordan is through weakening its people’s faith in their own country.

We must stand tall and strong, with the surety that has kept us strong for so long, against all odds!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.