Syrian Forces, Iranian Militias Close in on Bou Kamal Border Point

تم نشره في Thu 26 October / Oct 2017. 12:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Thu 26 October / Oct 2017. 06:02 PM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— The Syrian Army and their allied Iranian paramilitary have taken Bou Kamal and is prepping to advance towards the border point in the Deir al Zour outskirts, giving Iran’s its long desired corridor through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean.

At the moment, the Bou Kamal border point is under ISIS control.

Unable to take Tanf, a triangular border area between Jordan, Syria and Iraq, due to Global Coalition forces holding there, allied Syrian forces and Iranian militias rerouted for Bou Kamal.

According to Saeed Saif, an official spokesperson with the Shaheed Ahmad Abdo, the allied Syrian and Iranian force has been pressing for Coalition forces to leave Tanf for months.

However, Coalition forces have managed to secure a 55-km diameter in the area, stopping all Syrian and Iranian advancements there.

Meanwhile, Free Syrian Army faction leader Dr Mohammad Mustafa Jarrah told AlGhad that the rebel forces are unlikely to engage the Syrian and Iranian forces in Bou Kamal.

Faction leaders have expressed their discontent with the Coalition’s abandonment in part of their role to prevent the integration of Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq.

Addressing the factions’ “disappointments”, Jarrah explained that engaging in Bou Kamal may escalate collision between the Coalition, particularly the US, and Russia.

Notably, Russia and the USA are the main international sponsors in the Syrian situation, Russia provides one side air cover, while the US provides the others with logistical support.