Parliament to Reconvene on Sunday, MPs to Debate “Bread Subsidies”

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  • The Parliament building in Abdali - (Archives)

AMMAN —AlGhad— The Houses of Parliament are scheduled to reconvene next Sunday, after His Majesty King Abdullah II delivers the Speech from the Throne, announcing the  reconvention of the second ordinary term of the 18th Jordanian Parliament.

The Parliament’s House of Representatives is supposed to discuss the 2018 Budget Bill, before referring it to the House of Appointed Senate, in case the MPs approve it.

Chief among the hottest Budget issues up for discussion in Parliament this month is the government recommendation to discontinue allocations for bread subsidies in the upcoming 2018 Budget Bill.

The premier met with MPs to discuss Jordan’s economic situation and the challenges that lie ahead, in what seems to be an apparent attempt to lobby approval for the 2018 Budget Bill.

Ahead of the reconvention, Prime Minister Hani Mulqi met with all six blocs of the House of Representatives, the last of which was his meeting with the Democratic Bloc.