Gov’t Allocates JOD160m to National Protection Programme

تم نشره في Thu 9 November / Nov 2017. 01:00 AM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— Official sources have uncovered to AlGhad that the government has allocated an annual JOD120-160 million to direct bread and tax subsidies under the “National Protection Programme” section of the 2018 General Budget Bill.

So far, the government has concluded the following:

-          The establishment of a specialised tax investigation and violations department.

-          Government will establish National Protection Programme (NPP).

-          60-70% of Jordanian households will be eligible for the NPP.

-          Individual and household income tax exemptions unchanged.

-          More focus on countering tax evasion and better collection mechanisms.

The income ceiling for eligible Jordanian households has not been decided yet. However, sources have confirmed that the annual income limit will be set at either JOD18 thousand, JOD22 thousand or JOD24 thousand.

Additional criteria for ineligibility include households with properties worth more than JOD250 thousand or owns more than two vehicles.

Official sources reaffirm that according to these criteria, some 60 to 70 per cent of Jordanian households will receive direct cash subsidies.

Other sources disclosed to AlGhad that the government is currently setting up an electronic mechanism to allow citizens to choose how they’d like to receive the direct compensations. If the decision passes.

Notably, the government has often underlined that suspending bread subsidies, alone, saves the budget some JOD70 million annually.

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed that the government has decided on the income tax income exemptions, leaving it at JOD12 thousand per individual and JOD24 thousand per household, annually.