Jordan, US, Russia Agree on De-Escalation Zone in Southern Syria

تم نشره في Sat 11 November / Nov 2017. 01:00 AM
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AMMAN — Jordan, the United States and Russia have agreed to set up a temporary "de-escalation zone" in southern Syria, with representatives from the three countries signing a statement of principles in Amman in this regard.

State Minister for Media Affairs, Mohammad Momani, said that the agreement is "a key step within the three countries' joint efforts to stop violence in Syria and create the proper conditions for a sustainable political solution to the Syrian crisis".

He added that the new accord stipulates that non-Syrian forces should not be present in and around the de-escalation zones in the specified areas.

The de-escalation zone supports the arrangements that the three countries had reached on July, 7 to back the ceasefire along the confrontation lines in southwestern Syria, which went into effect on July, 9.

The three countries began talks, at Jordan's initiative, in May, which led to an agreement to support the July ceasefire and de-escalation agreement.

Amman, Washington and Moscow had agreed in July that supporting the ceasefire is a step toward a permanent de-escalation in southern Syria, the restoration of stability and permitting access of humanitarian aid into the region.