Riots in North Jordan Town over Youth’s Death

تم نشره في Thu 16 November / Nov 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Flames rising from the Mazar Shamali town in Irbid, north of Jordan as riots broke out around the city - (AlGhad)

IRBID —AlGhad— Residents of the north Jordanian town of Mazar Shamali, in Irbid, have taken to the streets today, Thursday, in protest over the death of one youth, 18, who was run over Tuesday night.

Protestors are demanding that the authorities reveal the identity of the people responsible for the youth’s death.

Meanwhile, riots have been going on and off all day today and yesterday, as rioters blocked the on the Petrol Highway, where the youth was run over and killed.

According to eyewitnesses, there were two people inside the car, which had no licence plates.

Police are looking for a vehicle that fits the witnesses’ description.

So far, preliminary investigation indicates that the perpetrators were trying to steal cattle from a nearby farm before they took off, running the youth over and killing him.