Authorities Foil Abduction Attempt by Four People

تم نشره في Mon 27 November / Nov 2017. 01:00 AM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— The authorities foiled an attempt by four people to abduct a citizen earlier today, Monday, in Abdali, central Amman, according to a police source, who confirmed that the abductors and the abductee are currently being investigated.

The police received a tip from one of the citizens, stating that he had witnessed the abduction of the citizen, by four people, in a car with covered licence plates.

Police vehicles tracked the vehicle down and pursued it, which led to the arrest of the four abductors and the retrieval of the abductee, who is currently being interviewed by the police.

In the abductors’ possession, the police found numerous sharp instruments and blades.

The abductee claimed to the police that the four people who kidnapped him had done so due to unresolved family disputes, according to source.

All five involved in the case will stand before the court of law, the source confirmed, to arrive at a fair legal ruling on the situation of the dispute and its causes.