Palestinians Censure Int'l Silence on Accelerated Occupation Settlement Schemes

تم نشره في Mon 27 November / Nov 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Palestinian youth raising the national flag of Palestine in across the vallye from an Israeli settlement - (Archives)

RAMALLAH — The Palestinian Foreign Ministry Monday condemned the silence of major world powers on Israel's accelerated and unprecedented settlement and judaisation schemes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The ministry said in a statement that the international community had relinquished its responsibility toward the situation in Palestine to the point of "open collusion with the gross violations of the international law and UN resolutions by the Israeli occupation authorities".

The statement referred to the Israeli government's recent endorsement of the allocation of 10 million shekels under a tourism ministry plan to build a highway crossing Israel from north to south and passing through occupied Palestinian and Arab territory, including East Jerusalem and the Golan heights.

The Israeli ministry adopted the so-called Trans-Israel Highway project at the initiative of a Jewish settler leader in the Gosh Etzion settlement bloc in occupied East Jerusalem, which, the Palestinian ministry said, includes "misleading" propaganda about what the Israeli right-wing claims as the Jews' historic ties to the occupied West Bank.

It said the ruling right-wing government in Israel pursues the implementation of designs aimed to expand targeted groups for marketing their racist policies towards the Palestinians.