Waiting on Trump: The Jerusalem Decision

تم نشره في Mon 4 December / Dec 2017. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Tue 5 December / Dec 2017. 12:53 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat


The entire country is holding its breath for the White House decision on Jerusalem, and we are not the only ones.


Arabs and Muslims around the world are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what decision US President Donald Trump is going to make.


Personally, I have no idea whether Trump is going to decide to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem or not, despite all our warnings.


Even by the Americans’ own standards, a moves such as this is considered an impetuous, uncalculated and unnecessary escalation. It negates every single effort ever made for peace.


Since day one as President, Trump has been talking all about his plan for peace. So far, he has yet to disclose it, but if this is part of it, then it is sunk.


Inherently inseparable, be it the declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or the relocation of the embassy, both options leaves no room for peace in the region! It is insensible and could easily blow the whole region up, set it up in flames, beyond the reach of peace!


For a long time, Jordan has been trying to enlighten the US administration on the sensitivity and the situation, from an objective point of view. US officials of all political levels have been informed of the definite repercussions of such a step, more than once, during His Majesty’s recurrent visits to the US.


Just days ago, the King and the US Secretary of Defence discussed this issue in Aqaba, extensively.


Even the African Leaders, who are not necessarily directly involved the Middle Eastern affairs, have concurred with His Majesty’s views on the mater.


For now, all we know is  that a decision is underway.


Trump’s motives, despite the objective sensitivity of the matter, seem to be purely subjective. His administration is floundering and he is dire need of the far-right’s support.


Regardless the warnings and ominous events in these last few years, the current US administration seems adamant about it!


Trump’s recklessness aside, the real frustration is the fact that Jordan is all alone in this battle. We are the only Arab country making a stand for the Palestinian Cause, as its top priority, what else is new?


In fact, the Palestinian Cause has been among Jordan’s most pressing priority over the years, while other countries have turned their backs and cosied up to Israel!


Still, alone or not, it doesn’t relieve any one of us of the shared responsibility towards Palestine and Jerusalem!


Jordan has been trying hard to bring the dangers of escalation in Palestine to light for the world to see. By working with the Palestinians, and the Egyptians as well, although to lesser extent, Jordan has done everything to build momentum for its view on the cause. Make no mistake, this is a difficult time for the world in general, and the Arab region in particular.


If the US decision announces the relocation of the embassy or the declaration of Jerusalem as capital, it will reflect with catastrophe throughout the Middle East and beyond!


Therefore, Jordan has already set the wheels in motion to prepare for an emergency ministerial convention of the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Organisation, should the worst be upon us.


The truth is, either one of the two options will have unfathomably grave regional repercussions. The urgency of the matter requires immediate action at any given moment, in light of the imminent catastrophe.


It seems rather unbelievable, despite everything Jordan has tried to prevent this from happening, the US seems to not care about any of it!


Ahead of the decision, Jordan’s position has once again make elaborately clear to US foreign secretary Rex Tillerson by Ayman Safadi, Jordan’s foreign secretary. He stated explicitly that any treads on the historical and religious status of Jerusalem will have catastrophic consequences on the entire region and the peace process.


After everything said and done, the Kingdom’s position on the matter is clear as it is consistent.


Palestine is the most central regional issue. Fair peace is integral and can only be advanced by open cooperation and understanding. Any unilateral decisions to alter the historical status of Jerusalem, as an occupied city, will endanger the very premise of peace.


Mindfully, Jerusalem is invaluable to Jordan, as it is to all Arabs and Muslims, alike.


Despite Jordan’s Custodianship of the religious endowments of the occupied city, the truth is that we are all collectively responsible for its protection. Else, we all suffer the consequence of failure hereon!


Dare he do it?


If he does, which is not so unlikely, the entire region will be once again on the brinks of a new crisis; a new phase, with renewed and even amplified struggles and disputes. The popular view which sees the US as an enemy will be reinforced among Muslims and Arabs.


Subsequently, we can all expect more rage and frustration fuelling the fires of terror and radicalisation, bringing fear and destruction upon the entire world!


This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.