Trump Threatens to Cut Aid, Jordan Holds Firm on ‘Jerusalem’ Vote

تم نشره في Wed 20 December / Dec 2017. 01:00 AM
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CAPITALS —AlGhad— US President Donald Trump warned member states of the UN General Assembly today, Wednesday, against backing the vote against his decision to recognise occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, threatening to cut aid and subsidies should they vote against it.

Meanwhile, Jordanian Prime Minister Dr Hani Mulqi reaffirmed that Jordan’s position on the matter remains steadfast and unwavering.

His Majesty King Abdullah’s position was made clear on endless occasions even before Trump made his declarations, he underscored.

In the meantime, the King’s position found favour among leaders of the Islamic and Arab worlds and beyond, as has since built an engulfing momentum against Trump’s decision.

Earlier today, Trump said the US would keep a close eye on the ongoings of the vote, warning “states who take our [US] money then vote against us at the Security Council”, according to the French Press Agency, AFP.