Clashes between Palestinians, Occupation Troops and Settlers

تم نشره في Thu 28 December / Dec 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Clashes in Bethlehem between Palestinians and Israeli occupation soldiers- (IMEMC)

RAMALLAH —AlGhad— Violent clashes erupted early Thursday in the village of Anata, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, between Palestinian youths and Israeli occupation forces, who fired tear gas canisters and bullets at the protestors.

Meanwhile, some 700 extremist settlers stormed Kifl Haris town in Salfit district northern the West Bank at dawn, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces.

A statement by the Kifl Haris municipality said that a large force of Israeli army imposed a curfew in the area to pave the way for the settlers to storm the shrines and tombs located in the town and perform their Talmudic rituals.

"The settlers' intrusion did not coincide with any of the Jewish religious holidays, during which the settlers used to storm the area, the statement added."

More clashes also broke out today in Issawiya, Abu Dis and Eizariya towns in Jerusalem, as well as at the main entrance of Al-Ram town.

In Ain al-Luza neighborhood in Silwan town, Palestinian youths burned a car belonging to settler gangs.