UNRWA Meets Urgently in Amman to Discuss Funding Crisis

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  • An UNRWA school in Amman - (Archives)

AMMAN —AlGhad— The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) held an urgent meeting in Amman yesterday, Wednesday, to discuss the threat of defunding and the ongoing crisis as the Agency announced a USD174 million deficit.

US allocations excluded, the Agency closed last year’s books with a USD49 million deficit, which has increased subsequently, due to the delay in US funding

According to the UNRWA’s Head of Palestinian Affairs, Yassin Abu Awwad, the UN body’s budget for primary UNRWA operations in Jordan stands at USD145 million, notwithstanding secondary critical operations.

With US President Donald Trump’s decision to withhold half of the UNRWA first US instalment, the threat of defunding becomes even more real.

Jordan is already carrying times as much as the UNRWA is, Abu Awwad underscored. Some JOD1.2 billion is spent annually on services to Palestinian refugees and facilities, both inside camps and outside.

There are 13 Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, 10 of which are covered by the UNRWA.

The Agency provides healthcare services to some 2.17 million registered Palestinian refugees through at least 25 primary health facilities. These facilities serve over 1.55 million patients per annum.

It also offers Social Safety Net benefits to 58.9 thousand refugees and runs 14 women centres in various Palestinian refugee camps throughout Jordan.

In terms of schools and education, the UNRWA funds and runs 171 schools across the Kingdom, with some 121 thousand students.

More so, with the unfolding of the Syria Crisis, more than 10 thousand Palestinian refugees in Syria have sought the assistance of the UNRWA in Jordan.