Man Kills Son in Mafraq, Claims “Sacrifice to God”

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  • Criminal arrested - (Expressive)

AMMAN —AlGhad— A member of the “Takfiri” current in Mafraq killed his 5-year-old son and threw him in a pond before trying to escape illegally through the eastern border with Iraq, where he was picked up by the authorities in Rweishid, east of Jordan.

A police source informed AlGhad that the killer claims he sacrificed his son as an offering to God and that it was on “God’s orders” that he killed him.

The source also confirmed that the killer’s behaviour indicates he is mentally unstable, given the things he said during the interrogation.

Authorities were informed that a Jordanian was trying to flee the country illegally.

Two people arrested near the eastern border.

During interrogation, one of them confessed to killing his son and disposing of him in a pool of still water. He later lead the police the location of the body.

Police have launched a full scale investigation to uncover the full detail of the murder the motives behind it.