Hamas Leader Dies after Accidentally Shooting Himself

تم نشره في Tue 30 January / Jan 2018. 01:00 AM
  • Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) senior leader Emad Alami - (Archives)

GAZA — The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said in a statement today, Tuesday, that senior movement leader Emad Alami, 62, was found dead early today, due to wounds he sustained three weeks ago.

Hamas spokesperson, Hazim Qassem, said that Alami died in the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, of the wound he sustain accidentally, while inspecting his personal weapon.

Three weeks ago, the movement had announced that Alami had shot himself in the head by mistake. He remained in critical condition until his death, the statment added.

The Palestinian Interior and National Security Ministry in Gaza, at that time, confirmed that investigations corroborated Hamas’s statements.