Gov’t Economic Policies Fall Short from King’s Vision on Reform: Experts

تم نشره في Tue 30 January / Jan 2018. 01:00 AM
  • His Majesty King Abdullah II - (Archives)

AMMAN —AlGhad— Economists, in their assessments of the recently enacted economic policies, and the earlier reforms, say the government’s approach has fallen short from the objectives and visions of the King’s take on reforms.

Instead of fixing the problems straining people’s incomes and the economy as a whole, the government has managed to worsen the situation, some say.

His Majesty King Abdullah II has a futuristic but attainable vision our governments have not been able to attain, they all agreed.

In His last meeting with members of parliament, King Abdullah explicitly pointed to the gap between the royal directives and implementation.

Economics professor at the Yarmouk University, Dr Qassim Hammouri, also reaffirmed it.

“His Majesty brought in so much investment into the country from his travels overseas. It is the government’s bureaucracy that drives business away,” Hamouri noted.

More so, “King Abdullah has always been invested in the welfare of Jordanians, the impoverished and the middle class, as well as in the efforts to combat poverty and unemployment. But government policies over the years have only added to the problem,” he explained.

According to Dr Maher Madadha, former minister of public sector development, His Majesty’s directives are clear. Should the government follow the instructions, they will surely be able to attain the goals and objectives inscribed in the King’s discussion papers, he said.

On one hand, Madadha elaborates, the government is still chocking the private sector, even though the latter is far more capable of contributing to economic development that the public sector at this point. On the other hand, economic reform policies are, at best, partial and insufficient, he added.

Meanwhile, Appointed Senator Nael Kabariti said that His Majesty often presents the government and officials with pioneering visions. However, these visions often remain so, and do not go beyond discussions to implementation.

Likewise, economic expert Zyan Zawaneh confirmed that the gap between the King’s vision and the governments’ implementations is massive.

Instances of this are evident, he added. King Abdullah explicitly said that his discussion papers were not implemented. Executive and legislative authorities, as His Majesty said, merely conducted a traditional review of the papers, as opposed to translating them into applicable action plans.

Another example of this is the fact that His Majesty’s Letters of Designation all explicitly underline the vitality of addressing issues in the economy, Zawaneh highlighted.

Had the governments followed His Majesty’s directives, taken it seriously, Zawaneh underscored, Jordan would not be in this situation today.