Allocations to Promoting Tourism in Jordan Lowest Regionally

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  • Tourism in Jordan

AMMAN —AlGhad— Data on the Ministry of Tourism’s expenditures on promoting tourism in Jordan indicates it is the lowest in the region, at some USD21 million, compared especially to Turkey’s USD5.137 billion.

According to Director of the Jordan Tourism Board Abdul Razzaq Arabyat, the 2018 Budget Bill entails only around USD11 million, allocated to promoting tourism overseas.

The government around JOD8 million in the Budget for the Board’s operations, down 46 per cent, Arabyat confirmed, from 2017’s JOD15 million.

“Jordan needs to invest more in promoting tourism,” Arabyat stated, “in order to compete with our regional rivals”

The Israeli state of occupation allocates around USD293 million to promoting tourism.

Meanwhile, Egypt spends around USD22 million on overseas tourism promotion.

Egypt and Israel are Jordan’s main tourism rivals.