Gov't Measures Aim to Protect Jordan, Citizens: PM

تم نشره في Wed 14 February / Feb 2018. 01:00 AM
  • Prime Minister Dr Hani Mulqi - (Archives)

AMMAN — Prime Minister, Hani Mulqi, said recent measures and decisions taken by the government came to protect the Kingdom and citizens, and without those measures the debt to GDP ratio would've reached 100 percent, which means bankruptcy.

In an interview with the Jordan TV Tuesday evening, the prime minster said: "We recognize and appreciate that the citizen has economic hardships, and we all have to bear together because we don't protect governments, but we protect the homeland. Governments come and go and the homeland remains," expressing confidence in the ability of the country and its people to emerge from this difficult stage.

"We have succeeded in the past year, and figures that have been achieved are the evidence," he said, calling on economists to compare these figures with the past years'.

He added that the debt ratio to GDP at the end of 2010 amounted 65 percent, and when he took office the ratio of debt to GDP was 94.9 percent, as the debt was annually increasing by 4.8 percent.

Mulqi spoke about "decisive measures" the government has taken to reduce budget deficit, such as preventing the purchase of furniture and travel costs and reducing current expenses and those of ministries.

He added: "In the middle of 2019, the national economy's crisis will see a breakthrough." He called for holding the government accountable at the end of this year, if it fails, while focusing on empowering the middle class and reducing poverty.

The government will deal with tax evasion through criminalizing it under a modern income tax law, currently underway by the government in conjunction with fighting corruption.

On unemployment among young people, the prime minister said the rise in the unemployment rate to 18 percent is something that disturbs the government, wondering: "How do we have 18 percent as unemployment rate and at the same time, we have 1.3 million foreign workers, which means that we need a new culture among the youths, which will be duty of the Ministry of Youth."