King Receives Turkish Foreign Minister

تم نشره في Mon 19 February / Feb 2018. 01:00 AM
  • His Majesty King Abdullah II receives Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu - (sources)

AMMAN —AlGhad— His Majesty King Abdullah II, at the Husseiniya Palace in Amman today, Monday, received the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, to discuss bilateral ties and ongoing regional developments.

King Abdullah and Minister Cavusolgu discussed bolstering relation and collaboration to further the interests of the Islamic Uma and reinforce stability in the region.

His Majesty sent his regards to the Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan.

He also stressed that boosting economic and commercial cooperation between Jordan and Turkey is of the utmost significance for both countries.

The meeting addressed the Syrian and Palestinian situations.

On Syria, the King and Minister both agreed on the vitality of maintaining the political course and the Geneva talks.

As for the situation in Palestine, it is crucial that Jordan maintains its Custodianship to safeguard Christian and Muslim endowments and sanctities.

Mr Cavusolgu reaffirmed that Turkey is in fact looking forward to channelling Turkish commerce through the Aqaba port.

The meeting was attended by foreign minister, the director of His Majesty’s office, the King’s national policy advisor, the Turkish ambassador to Amman and delegation.