Town North West of Jordan Suffers Acute Shortage of Services

تم نشره في Sat 3 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
  • Park in Dogra West Irbid - (AlGhad)

IRBID —AlGhad— The residents of Dogra, a town west of Irbid, North of Jordan, home to more than 11 thousand people, suffer an acute shortage of services, including water, roads and health services, an investigative report uncovered today, Saturday.

Citizens say that the employees at the only health centre do not abide by any official schedule. They are not present until 9AM and only one doctor and one pharmacist are present after 1PM.

The centre is also short on medical equipment and has limited accessibility to the dentistry and laboratory facilities for elderly and special needs patients.

The centre receives 80 patients every day, on average.

According to residents, more than half the town is disconnected from the main roads.

Meanwhile, more than 70 per cent of the town’s water grid has been maintained and replaced. However, dozens of houses remain outside the grid, as they rely on water tanks, which costs significantly more.

In terms of sanitation, the town is serviced by a 50-employee manpower, financed by an NGO, which helps keep the town somewhat clean, West Irbid Municipality Director Faeq Bani Awwad told AlGhad.

Parks are unsanitary and unsafe, the citizens stress.

Director of the Ministry of Health’s Irbid Department Qassim Mayyas said that the government plans to establish a healthcare centre in the area soon.

As for the shortage in equipment and medicine, Mayyas reaffirmed that the Dogra centre does not suffer a shortage of any sort. He also confirmed that there is a doctor assigned to the centre 24/7.