Jordan Spends JOD100m on Nuclear Programme in 10 Years

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AMMAN —AlGhad— In ten years, the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission has spent around JOD100 million on the development of the national nuclear programme, Commission Chairman Dr Khaled Touqan told AlGhad.

Annual allocations to the programme hover around JOD10 million, he confirmed.

Jordan Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Dr Khaled Touqan – (AlGhad)

Social media activists and official sources have claimed that the commission has spent over JOD500 million in 10 years on the programme.

Overall expenditure is split between the training facility and the nuclear power plant, Dr Touqan said. In total, the training facility has cost around JOD55 million and the plant cost around JOD45 million, all in all, he elaborated.

This is in addition to the JOD60 million Korean soft loan, extended particularly for the training and research facility, he underlined.

The General Budget has allocated approximately JOD7.3 million to the programme in 2018/2019, compared to JOD10.7 million in 2017, down 31.7 per cent.

The overall costs of the plant, estimated at some USD10 billion, sounds reasonable, according to Dr Ahmad Salaimeh said, Director of the European Projects Department at the University of Jordan.

However, compared to the costs of other power sources, like alternative and green energy sources, the costs of establishing a power plant sounds monumental, he noted.

Meanwhile, Jordan seeks to incorporate atomic energy into its power mix soon, according to the 2015 Cabinet Decision, as an alternative to fossil fuels.