UNRWA Staff to Strike over New Employees, Retirees Healthcare Framework

تم نشره في Wed 9 May / May 2018. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— The Jordan UNRWA Staff Union has announced a 1-hour strike to take place tomorrow, Thursday, to protest the terms of the new healthcare contracts and the price hikes entailed by it.

UNRWA’s Administration has launched a new healthcare framework for employees and retirees of the Agency, enacted earlier in April, 2018.

The Staff Union, in a statement yesterday, Tuesday, conveyed their demanded to the UNHCR, the Union of International Associations, the Jordanian Parliament, the Palestinian Affairs Department, the Red Cross and Jordanian unions.

Among other things, their statement highlighted “their right to” pay raises as well as to an affordable health insurance service. Hence, the retraction of the new policy, which increases health insurance premiums for employees and retirees.

The statement describes the UNRWA Administration’s decision as a ‘blatant confiscation of their rights.’

They also demanded that the current vacancies be refilled and that the released day labourers be given their jobs back.