EBRD Grant of EUR19.6m to West Irbid Sanitary Project

تم نشره في Thu 10 May / May 2018. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN — The Jordanian government and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on Thursday signed an additional grant agreement worth EUR19.6 million to support implementation of the sanitary network project west of Irbid governorate.

The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Emad Fakhouri and Chief of the EBRD office in Amman, Dr Haike Harmgart signed the agreement.

The total funding of the project is EUR53.2 million, loans and grants, with the aim of assisting the construction of a sanitary drainage network in 15 towns in the western regions of the Irbid city by connecting to the sewage treatment plant in Wadi Al Arab.

In press remarks after the signing ceremony, Fakhouri said the proposed investment will increase access of around 100 thousand people to sanitation services, as the current infrastructure is "inadequate" to tackle the challenge of hosting Syrian refugees.

The project is part of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and Water Authority's plan to upgrade the sanitation system in Jordan to treat wastewater as a result of increased pressure on municipal infrastructure.

The bank has provided a technical support grant of EUR2.2 million to assist the Water Authority in the implementation of the project through the process of its design and supervision, according to a statement issued by the two sides.

The project, "Sanitation Networks west of Irbid", is the bank's fourth project with government institutions.