PM Meets with House Speaker, Unions, Orders Salaries Cashed before End of Ramadan

تم نشره في Thu 7 June / Jun 2018. 12:00 AM
  • Prime Minister Dr Omar Razzaz meets with House of Representatives Speaker Atef Tarawneh - (Alghad)

AMMAN —AlGhad— Newly appointed Prime Minister Dr Omar Razzaz met today, Thursday, with House Speaker Atef Tarawneh and President of the Appointed Senate Feisal Fayez, as well as members of the Unions Federation council and representatives of the chambers of Commerce and Industry, in a prelude to launching national dialogue.

The new premier pledged to initiate an open dialogue with all stakeholder parties in the tax amendments issue, among other issues relating to the general state of public affairs.

Dr Razzaz also issued directives today to make sure that June salaries are cashed out to employees before the end of the Holy Month, Ramadan.

During the meet with Speaker Tarawneh, who advised the PM that the House will reject the Income Tax Bill, Mr Razzaz stated that he intends to withdraw the Bill.

Also, in a meet with President of the House of Appointed Senates Feisal Fayez, Razzaz confirmed the withdrawal, after he’s official sworn into office.

Mr Razzaz also informed the Trade Union Federation of his intentions during his meeting with the council of union representatives.