Russia Troops Deployment on Syrian Borders Pending Jordan, Israel’s Approval

تم نشره في Thu 7 June / Jun 2018. 12:00 AM
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MOSCOW — Jordan and Israel have not yet given final approval for the deployment of the Syrian army in the de-escalation zone on the border with the two countries, the Interfax news agency quoted an informed source as saying on Thursday.

The source said that "the possibility of reaching such an agreement is being discussed and the only question is whether Israel and Jordan will agree to the deployment of the Syrian army and enable the army to regain control of the de-escalation zone in southwest Syria.

It added "the question is not whether the groups backed by Iran and Hezbollah will withdraw from there, but the question is whether the Syrian army will control this area, and therefore carry out military operations against armed opposition groups." The source pointed out that Tehran is ready to accept such an offer to withdraw from there because it is the minimum concession for Tehran, adding that "consultations between Russia, the United States and Jordan on the withdrawal of non-Syrian troops from the de-escalation zone in the south are continuous.