Razzaz Seeks "Pact" Leading to "Parliamentary Gov’ts"

تم نشره في Tue 12 June / Jun 2018. 12:00 AM
  • Newly appointed PM Dr Omar Razzaz - (Archives)

AMMAN —AlGhad— Prime Minister-designate Omar Razzaz stated yesterday, Monday, in a meeting with House of Representatives Speaker Atef Tarawneh, Parliamentary officials and bloc leaders, that he is keen on working with the House towards the establishment of parliamentary governments.

He confirmed his readiness and keenness to launch a national dialogue leading to consensus on a "pact" that will "lead us to parliamentary governments."

Razzaz has been holding extensive deliberations and consultations with stakeholders in the decision making process. These statements were made in a meeting with Speaker Tarawneh, the permanent office, MPs and a number of deputies, as part of these deliberations, before forming a government.

The concept of parliamentary government His Majesty King Abdullah highlighted in the discussion papers should not remain merely a slogan, he reiterated. He also pointed out, in context, that achieving this objective requires awareness, culture and building strong institutions.

He stressed the importance of formulating a national plan for the transition of economic and political reform in a coherent manner to reach a new social contract on rights and duties.

"Young people are waiting for us to work together to feel that they are a Generation of Participation and not a Waiting Generation" he added, according to the Jordan News Agency Petra.

Razzaz emphasised that the government will take the partnership with the House seriously, and wants to agree on a "pact" with the house, so long as both parties commit to the agenda. He also stressed the importance of adopting a participatory approach with all, especially with the House and its various committees.

"The government is determined not to repeat mistakes, especially with regard to forming the ministerial team," Razzaz underlined, explaining that the team will be selected according to the following conditions: integrity, honesty, excellent performance, ability to communicate and adopting team spirit inside and outside ministries.

He added that the formation won't be "technocratic" in the strict sense, but it will not be "purely political" as well.

He said he will personally bears sole responsibility for choosing his ministerial team, denying any pressure exerted on him by any party regarding the selection process.

Razzaz pointed out that withdrawing the income tax bill comes to re-raise the subject and conduct a real dialogue on its content by looking at the tax burden in an integrated manner, and address tax evasion without tampering with the basic rights of citizens.

Deputies called on the premier-designate to include professionally capable national figures, who are honest and accepted among the masses, to the ministerial team, and called for a program of work to be presented with time, figures and objectives that ease citizens' suffering and improve their standard of living.

They also called for avoiding pressures during the formation of the government, realizing past lessons and taking the fight against corruption seriously.