Jordanian Factories Abandon Natural Gas Power

تم نشره في Thu 14 June / Jun 2018. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— Seven factories have abandoned the use of natural gas to power up their facilities in Jordan, driving the number of industrial facilities relying on natural gas from ten to three, an informed source with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources confirmed to AlGhad.

The source who spoke under the condition of anonymity said these companies suffer the implications of high bureaucracy, not to mention the special tax payable.

Overall, the costs of powering up on natural gas will mount up, not to mention the delays on supply and logistical issues, the source said.

Chamber of Industry member Eng Mousa Saket explained to AlGhad that the special tax, even though the government lowered it, will incur a lot of costs on the companies.

Moreover, lowering taxation can help companies up their investments and drive economic growth, in addition to creating job opportunities, he said.

The Chamber has demanded the government to divert these “special taxes” to sales taxes, Saket stated, which will allow a lower operational cost index for industries.