Jordan, U.S. sign $1.9 million nuclear agreement

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AMMAN -- Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC) on Monday signed a contract with the Advanced Systems Technology and Management, Inc. (AdSTM)- to boost the capacity of the commission in licensing the Jordan Research and Training Reactor.

The $1.9 million contract was signed by JNRC Director General, Majd Ibrahim Hawari and (AdSTM ) Vice President Sergey Katsenelenbogen.

The 30-month contract aims at boosting the capacity of the commission's technical team and providing oversight over all phases of the Jordanian Research and Training Reactor (JRTR) project from construction go-ahead to the successful commissioning of the JRTR in 2016, Hawari said in a statement.

"The contract will cover vital areas of licensing review for Construction Permit and Operating License phases of the project,as well as supporting JRTR inspection and testing activities by reviewing inspection and test results and conducting select construction and vendor inspections", he added.

The deal will also include support needed for review of select sections of the Final Safety Analysis Report, select portion of the underlying analysis and the results of safety evaluation report performed by KINS.

This activity will include review of other OL application documentation and will generally support JNRC in developing positions leading to authorization for cold functioning testing (cold commissioning), hot functional testing/full power testing, fuel load, and issuance of an operating license.

Meanwhile, Hawari said that 51 per cent of the reactor has been completed, noting the commission's keenness to develop the capacity of its human resources to ensure the highest level of safety, during the construction and operation phases.

Katsenelenbogen said that the company has named a team of experts to deal with the commission to help ease the licensing transactions. (Petra)