King starts meetings with U.S. congressional figures

تم نشره في Wed 12 February / Feb 2014. 06:03 PM
  • His Majesty King Abdullah meets representative Nancy Pelosi and members of the House Minority Leadership on 11/2/2014 (Petra)

WASHINGTON — His Majesty King Abdullah began on Tuesday a series of meetings with U.S. congressional figures and committees that focused on the latest developments in the Middle East, the ties between Jordan and the U.S. and ways to bolster them in various domains.

The King met separately with Chairperson of the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations' Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, Key Granger and the committee members and Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic party leaders in the U.S. Congress and other Democratic party leaders.

During the two meetings, His Majesty stressed the key role the U.S. House of Representatives could play in supporting efforts to bring about peace in the Middle East, according to the two-state solution, which is the only means to achieve comprehensive peace, and ensures security and stability for the peoples in the region.

The two-state solution, he affirmed, should guarantee the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the June 4th, 1967 line, with East Jerusalem as its capital, living in peace and security alongside Israel.

"Jordan's higher interests are the top priority when it comes to discussing final status issues," the King reiterated.

On Syria, the King discussed the latest developments of the crisis and its effects on neighbouring countries, especially with the growing numbers of refugees, who have fled to these countries, especially Jordan, which, he said, is shouldering a huge burden that overweighs its limited resources. The King called on the international community to shoulder its responsibility and support the Kingdom.

The meetings also touched on the ways of support the House and its leaders and committees can provide Jordan to address the economic challenges, especially those related to energy, development, and the Syrian refugee crisis.

During the two meetings, the King spoke about the progress made so far in Jordan's reform process, which has contributed to enhancing democracy and public participation in the decision-making process.

"Jordan is determined to move ahead with the comprehensive reform process based on a gradual, steady and balanced approach that can achieve aspirations of a better future of Jordanians," the King affirmed.

The meetings also highlighted the distinguished friendship between Jordan and the U.S. and the role of the U.S. House of Representatives in bolstering them.


Further, King Abdullah thanked the U.S. House of Representatives' leaders and committee members for throwing their weight behind a decision to raise the volume of the U.S.  aid to Jordan and supporting pro-Jordan policies within decision-making circles in the US. (Petra)