Officer died, dozens injured during Bahrain clashes

تم نشره في Mon 17 February / Feb 2014. 02:43 PM

MANAMA – One police officer was killed and dozens of people, including five policemen, were injured during three days of protests in Bahrain to mark three years of anti-government protests, according to an Interior Ministry statement issued on Sunday.

The ministry said security forced had deployed across the Gulf Arab Kingdom ahead of the third anniversary "to keep security and order and secure public and private property", adding that police had detected and safely dismantled four explosive devices in several areas of the island state.

The statement added that 55 people involved in riots had been arrested in the security crackdown, while two cars were set alight and a school bus was attacked by molotov cocktails.


The Kingdom's religious affairs minister had accused the main opposition Al Wefaq party leaders of fomenting the violence "through supporting vandals and terrorist groups that propagate and embrace violence in deed and approach", accusing them of trying to impose "agendas outside of the national consensus." In a letter to U.N. Secretary General Ban KI-moon, Bahrain's information minister, Sameera Rajab, said that "the Kingdom of Bahrain has for years been facing escalating and systematic terrorism by radical and extremist religious groups with external support." "Militant groups and extremist organisations in Bahrain have nothing but the agenda of violence and intimidation in a flagrant breach of national and international laws," she said, adding that Bahraini authorities were dealing with them in accordance with the law. (Petra)