Brotherhood leader says position unchanged on Egypt 'democratic course'

تم نشره في Sat 22 February / Feb 2014. 05:45 PM
CAIRO – A senior Muslim Brotherhood leader has reiterated rejection of what he described as the "coup", underlining the need to return to the democratic course in Egypt.

"Our position on [reconciliation] initiatives is unchanged," Mohamed Ali Beshr, a leader of the pro-democracy National Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy, told Anadolu Agency on Saturday.

"We will neither reverse our rejection of the coup nor our demands for returning to the democratic course," he said.

On Saturday, the Arabic language daily Al-Shorouk reported the Brotherhood and the National Alliance are ready to recognize the army-imposed transitional roadmap in return for the release of political detainees, justice for those killed by security forces and international monitoring of upcoming elections.

Beshr, however, said the return of the democratic course "means abidance by the will of the people and the ballot box".

Egypt has been in turmoil since the military unseated elected president Mohamed Morsi following mass protests against his presidency.

While Morsi supporters describe his overthrow as a "military coup", opponents term it a "military-backed revolution".

Beshr said the Brotherhood, the movement from which Morsi hails, and the alliance have been dealing with an open heart with all initiatives aimed at resolving the crisis.

"We did not reject any initiatives, but the other side refuses to respond positively to any of these initiatives," he said.

On February 16, the pro-democracy alliance said in a statement that it would not drop its demand for putting an end to what it called the "military coup" and respecting the will of the people.

The statement, however, did not call for Morsi's reinstatement or the return of the Shura Council (the upper house of parliament), which was also dissolved by the military upon Morsi's ouster. (Anadolu Agency)