Legislation for Jerusalem

تم نشره في Thu 27 February / Feb 2014. 01:31 AM - آخر تعديل في Thu 27 February / Feb 2014. 01:32 AM

By Yasser Abu Hilalah

At the peak of the peace process, those who are opposing it were very strong within Israel. The stream, spearheaded by Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon, did not remain in the opposition like it is in Jordan, but its members have become rulers: The stream wanting settlement in Israel did not turn into a strong opposition, but disintegrated and seems likely to completely disappear in favor of an emerging powers that lacks depth and indulges in extremism. These powers are the main player in the Israeli politics - if they do not rule directly, they have a strong voters base, and strongly affects the Zionist decisions.

In the Knesset's discussions on Jerusalem there's an apparent bidding over Netanyahu's policies by these emerging, extreme powers. In truth, there was never in the Zionist history that was like him; he managed to change facts inside Jerusalem via the occupation and targeting of Arabian symbols in the city. As such, the Zionists have managed the Judaization the city by including it in the Greater Jerusalem, whether the people or the lands, making the Arabs a minority that makes the Zionists look like they defend minorities rights!

What help is the Jordanian Lower House's discussions against the facts imposed by the Zionists on the ground; is what is left for the parliament is to announce a state of war to liberate occupied Jerusalem?

Even though I do not believe the government will answer to the deputies request and sever the relations, the message was important. The struggle on the ground was over when Jerusalem was occupied in 1967, and since then the struggle has been about the narrative.

The Zionists want to scrape the Arab, Islamic narrative of Jerusalem, and popularize a narrative that says it has been the capital of the Jewish people since the beginning of time.

In the Zionists narrative, the holy sites of Islam and Christendom remain there, and is used as evidence to the Zionist's being the only protector of minorities, and as believers in diversity.

Today, we must use the Zionist insanity to reaffirm our narrative of the conflict; Jerusalem is Arabian and Islamic, and the Arabic-Islamic civilization showed diversity, did not exclude anyone, and did not witness a holocaust - Jews have always been a part of it while they were being harmed at the Western civilizations. Jerusalem was open to everyone, from every creed and religion, and was only closed after the Zionist occupation.

We need a legislation by the Jordanian parliament to govern Jerusalem, and not just a political movement in reprisal to the Zionist madness. The Jerusalem law is a law that criminalizes anyone who adopts the Zionist narrative. A law that adopts the Arabian narrative, in regards to politics, education, and endowment. This law will not defeat the Zionists, but will make their narrative shaky - that is a worthy goal on its own right.  



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.