About 'shaky hands'

تم نشره في Mon 3 March / Mar 2014. 12:27 AM - آخر تعديل في Mon 3 March / Mar 2014. 12:28 AM

By Muhammad Aburumman

The premier constantly speaks, lately, about "shaky hands"; officials and employees who are hesitant about signing off on applications and documents, fearing a corruption charge will be brought against them.

The phenomenon is real, and it has become a phobia; some of them prefer not to sign and remain safe, rather than turn into a scapegoat in a graft case.

It is a true problem that hinders applications and makes investment harder - many investors and officials complained about it. But it is still a modest issue compared to the big story we have been suffering from, that is the "loose hands" of officials and politicians;  they are signing dangerous and illegal applications, passing it without thinking about it twice!

In reality, the public still do not completely believe that we have passed that dire strait in our history, where shady, out of context, and not completely legal applications passed, under the pretence that we need to break away from bureaucracy and "shaky hands"; which led to the creation of many independent institutions, most of which are a burden on the budget, without finding any true solutions to the problem of investment and rather created convoluted problems - including an increase in running costs, lack of salary structure, and blurred reporting lines.

Mr. Premier, we do not want the "shaky hands", exactly like you do not. But, however, it does a lot less harm compared to the "loose hands", who pass things with no respect to legality, or administrative and moral standards.

We have no interest in the spat between the government and Ms. Maha Al Khatib, due to the story behind the sale of the Dead Sea lands - we thank her, and before her Haidar Al Ziben, and with them the head of the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration and the Minister of Education; for their commitment to their national and moral standards.

Good governance, law supremacy, unification of references, transparency with public funds, capable employees, and criminalizing political position and economic interests... all of these we should give priorities to, to get rid of the "loose hands" and "shaky hands" syndromes, and to move this rock that is strangling both the citizens and the country. 



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.