Obama says Russia does not have right to use force in Ukraine

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WASHINGTON – U.S. President Barack Obama continued his government's condemnation of Russia's intervention in Ukraine on Tuesday. 

“Although Russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state, that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence inside of that state," said Obama, in a press statement. "We have said that if in fact there is any evidence out there that Russian speakers or Russian natives or Russian nationals are in any way being threatened, there are ways of dealing with that through international mechanisms.” 

Obama also emphasized the importance of halting Ukraine's economic deterioration and ensuring a free and fair process during elections scheduled for May. 




Professor Anatol Lieven, an academic at King's College London, said too much is expected of the scheduled elections, given the current political situation in Ukraine. 

“The west seems to think that holding the elections in May is somehow a political solution, but it is obvious that in the areas that they control, the Ukrainian nationalist militias will not allow people who supported Yanukovych to run," he said. "So the elections in effect will be rigged, and that would undoubtedly be true in any areas that Russia controls. At that point both sides will declare the elections illegitimate.”

Lieven also said that European countries will struggle to impose economic sanctions on Russia because they are reliant on Russian gas. 

"Russia undoubtedly will disregard its pricing agreement with the European countries as void and will automatically raise the prices,” he said. "The possibility of a radical rise in energy prices plunging Europe right back into recession exists.” 

The University of Westminster's Dr. Dibyesh Anand said that economic sanctions are unlikely to be used by Europe. 


“It feels like the Europeans will not be able to act. Russia has upped the ante,” he said. (AA)