Syria plans to destroy all chemical weapons by end of April

تم نشره في Wed 5 March / Mar 2014. 01:47 AM

NEW YORK - Syria's regime proposed a new plan for the destruction of its chemical weapons arsenal by the end of April to the global chemical arms watchdog on Tuesday, a senior UN official said. 


Martin Nesirky, spokesperson for the UN Secretary General, said the regime offered the new plan to the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons after it failing to meet the previous goal of removing all chemical weapons from Syria by early March.

Nesirky said that with a set of the most critical arms scheduled to leave the country this week, more than a third of Syria's chemical weapons will be out of Syria. 


The agreed plan for the eradication of the weapons arsenal involves them being transported to a U.S. ship in the Mediterranean Sea, where they will be destroyed. (AA)