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تم نشره في Sun 15 June / Jun 2014. 07:54 PM - آخر تعديل في Sun 15 June / Jun 2014. 07:54 PM

By Muhammad Aburumman

It is imperative that the Liberties Committee at the Lower House reaches accurate and compelling results with respect to the photograph of a wanted person from Ma'an — widespread now on social networking sites. Signs of torture and humiliation are evident on the detainee, which sparked considerable debate and much resentment.

Torture, in principle, is unacceptable. And humiliation is far from our acceptable social ethics and traditions, as well as being illegal. But what attracts the attention and raises troubling questions is the leaking of the torture photograph. If that were true, it is necessary to understand why was this detainee photographed in these conditions by members of the public security? What is the purpose of that?!

These questions were asked by Ma’ani figures during a public session that was held at the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan nearly two weeks ago, and was attended by government officials, key Ma’ani figures, a group of politicians, and media professionals. The subject of this image is in itself a great provocation to the people of the city, and rightly so, while we do not find any convincing answers to these recurring stories from the side of the officials!

These questions are of great importance if we know it is not the first case in which photographs of torture or humiliations have been leaked by the public security; something worse happened before when a video —posted on YouTube — that showed the corpses of wanted people being disfigured by the security agencies personnel after they had killed them, which almost led to great social divide. Until now, we do not know how was it leaked to YouTube, and why were the bodies mutilated in an area that is supposed to be under the control of public security!

The director of public security himself, even the prime minister, should have followed-up on the story of these pictures that were leaked, and reflect the troublesome behavior; to search for a convincing explanation for the photographs or videos leak. It is a story that harms our security agencies first and foremost, because it paints an unreal and unjust picture of how the security agencies behave — an unacceptable behavior should not be mainstreamed.

Today, we talk about a few limited cases that provoke the people of Ma’an; but not tolerating them, justifying them, putting an immediate end to them, and punishing those responsible (after an investigation), are the effective treatment to put an end to them.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.