I leave the answer to the MPs

تم نشره في Tue 24 June / Jun 2014. 10:59 AM

By Jumana Ghunaimat

At a time when US President Barack Obama expressed concern about his Jordanian ally, and calls for warnings of an expansion of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) into Kingdom, we are witnessing MPs condemn the government and its officials in protest because of their seating arrangement during the opening event of the Jerash Festival.

While the army and security services bolster their defences on the Iraqi border, assert their willingness to face the security vacuum coming from the Trebel Karama border, and take action according to the developments of the situation, it seems as if the parliament is completely absent, and do not realize the seriousness of what is happening.

It would have been better had the Lower House was busy with the rapid developments since early yesterday morning on the Eastern Front, instead of attacking the government because the House Speaker Atef Tarawneh site left the site of celebration early.

In light of the crises that rears their head from the outside, and fears of ISIL’s extension into Jordan, we see our distinguished deputies threaten the government and vow after a small story took a big dimension, as the MPs consider it an insult to the legislative authority.

We are even seeing a constitutional violation under the dome to debate the issue that was not listed in the extra ordinary session that is already stuffed with files; an issue that outweighed every other issue to hear the screams and insults of the people's representatives, and what is strange is that the interaction among the deputies over the incident has exceeded the importance of the incident itself.

Today seems more dangerous than its yesterday, and all fronts in all directions, east and north and west, are burning, and the deputies are ignoring everything that irks and worry every citizen, and are preoccupied with a side-story side does not mean a thing to grassroots movements, but on the contrary brought in negative reactions for the House.

Nobody is happy with anyone insulting the Lower House, it is the only elected authority. However, it is unfortunate that the expectations about the performance of the Lower House are always not met.

Contrary to all expectations that the deputies have cumulated experience in political work and are aware of the challenges that threaten the country from every direction, we discover the opposite and see us go back to square one.

No one objected to maintain the prestige of the Speaker and the members of the Parliament, it is even one of our demands, but do those who took part in the last charade of the Lower House think they have maintained the dignity of the Lower House? I leave the answer to the MPs!

It seemed like a way to settle scores with those in charge of the festival, specifically the Mayor of Amman Akel Biltaji, having refused, more than once, a summoned by the Lower House, and has been insisting on the application of the law and the constitution, which says that control mechanisms on his performance are limited to his council-elect and not in front of the Lower House, not to mention that the Prime Minister represents the Mayor under the dome.

The Speaker of the Lower House, Tarawneh, and who is personally responsible, should have stopped the debate at a certain point instead of leaving the door open for deputies to destroy their image before the public; social networking sites were full of snappy criticisms about the performance of Lower House.

At a time when the Jordanians are scared of ISIL and worry about their arrival to Jordan or their presence among them, and we see a march by the organization in Ma’an in a dangerous message that states "we exist", our deputies are angry because of their seating arrangement at the opening of Jerash festival.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.