The source of the greatest danger

تم نشره في Wed 6 August / Aug 2014. 07:07 PM

By Muhammad Aburumman

"I am a teacher in a public school the name of which I will not mention, but it is within Amman’s jurisdiction, located in a somewhat upscale area. I will not shirk my responsibility, but unfortunately we have tried everything. Imagine, we have been demanding the basics needed for the education process for a whole year, as if we have said nothing. An educational supervisor, and even the Director of Education, come and drink coffee and tea, as if they cannot see a thing. How can you give when you do not have a clean chair, table, or toilet? The Ministry of Education needs faithful people in all positions, and not just those who follow the powerful. It was a great shock when I came back from a vacation without pay to find that our school has become walls only".

This, indeed, sad comment was published yesterday on the website of al-Ghad, and reminded me of a telephone call from a teacher, who was speaking, dripping pain, on education, and the status of the public schools and how weak the level of education and academic achievement has become in them, which has become apparent, blatant before our eyes after the results of the general secondary examination Tawjihi this year, which gave us accurate results, after the entire process had reached rock bottom over the past years.

Although the percentages announced by the Minister of Education are considered very low, in terms of high marks, success and failure rates, or the schools were none passed Tawjihi, there is an important point made by the National Campaign for the Rights of Students “Thabahtona” (Arabic for: You Slaughtered Us); the astronomical figure for conscientious about Tawjihi this year; Some 40,000 students out of 126,000 — more than 31% of students did not sit for the exams.


It is unprecedented in the history of high school exams, and, indeed, needs clarification from the Ministry of Education, and perhaps even in-depth studies of the overall general secondary examination and the transformations that occurred on it during the past years!

And while Thabahtona appreciates the importance of the measures put in place to control the examination halls and prevent abuses, which led to such a large volume of conscientious; however, the correct ratio of successful is supposed to include these students (who did not succeed, of course). Thus, the correct pass rates become: In the academic disciplines (except the Scientific Stream) the success rate is 27.5%, while in the Literary stream only 6.5% of the students passed, which is the lowest percentage in the past twenty years, according to Thabahtona, while schools that were considered historically pioneering, such as al-Hussein’s Secondary College are falling dramatically.

Not only that! There is a massive fall in the number and percentage of students with superior marks, compared to previous years. Perhaps that explains the important statement by the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Mahmoud Amin (published at Ammon), that "the majority of those who were admitted into universities and had astronomically high rates at high school fail as soon as they started their university education!", which means that the accumulation of imbalances starting from schools and until universities.

So, preventing cheating and abuses revealed what was hidden, and has made us face the truth directly, while Dr. Amin Mahmoud recognizes that the situation of higher education in Jordan is not better than schools, he speaks to his colleague, the Minister of Education, about the procedures and plans to save education in Jordan.

A former minister who spoke also to Ammon under the condition of anonymity pointed out that these grades will affect public universities that depend upon the fees paid by the parallel education students, as well as private universities that thrived and expanded based on a fraud.

In a nutshell; Jordan is in danger. Dear officials, this is one of the most important sources of threat to national security, social peace, and moral values​​!