King: Jordan's stability, invincibility fruits of citizens' awareness

تم نشره في Mon 25 August / Aug 2014. 07:53 PM

AMMAN (Petra) - His Majesty King Abdullah II said, on Sunday, that the stability and invincibility of Jordan is the fruits of citizens' awareness and strategic institutionalized effort by the state since the establishment of the Kingdom.

His Majesty stressed that the Kingdom has always been able to confront the most difficult circumstances and address various challenges, thanks to "the unity of our internal front" and the ability and the strength of all official institutions, which put the protection of the nation's security and its interests at the forefront of their priorities.

Speaking during a meeting with the parliament's Reform Bloc, King Abdullah said regional challenges and circumstances "increased our determination to move forward in our comprehensive reform and development drive down to what Jordanians look forward for; progress and prosperity."

"If we were able solve the problem of the economy for the future of Jordan, we would overcome the biggest challenge facing us today, because our problem is neither political nor security, but economic." The King called on everyone to join efforts to define the priorities of the 10-year economic plan he asked the government to draft to serve the nation's high interests.

His Majesty said he was optimistic that the national economy would overcome all obstacles and challenges posed by regional turmoil, noting that a number of countries expressed keenness to help Jordan in carrying out its development and reform programs in various fields.

His Majesty pointed out that the current stage requires improving the performance of the parliament, including the activation of parliamentary blocs on partisan and programmatic basis, to set the ground for the transition towards parliamentary governments in the future.

On regional issues, His Majesty the King told the lawmakers that the Kingdom will continue its political and diplomatic endeavor with the international community to stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip permanently, and will continue to always stand by the Palestinian people.

The King called for concerted international efforts towards the resumption of negotiations that address all final status issues decisively, and to achieve the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, end the Israeli occupation and establish their independent state on their national soil on the basis of the two-state solution.

He warned that failure to resolve the conflict and find a just and comprehensive peace will lead to repeated Israeli attacks on Gaza, where the Palestinian people is the victim and Israel will remain incapable of achieving security.

With regard to the latest developments in Syria, His Majesty emphasized the need for a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian crisis and an end to the suffering of the Syrian people, highlighting burdens being borne by Jordan's economy as a result of hosting a massive influx of Syrian refugees especially in the northern parts of the Kingdom.