Islamic State’s hunt for new Jihadists

تم نشره في Sun 31 August / Aug 2014. 03:22 PM

By Jumana Ghunaimat

The so-called Islamic State's image in people’s minds is that it is a bloody organization that murders, spills innocents blood, and terrorizes minorities by the sword of religion, which is placed on people’s necks without mercy.

However, there is another picture, which began come out in the light of the growing sources of funding of the Caliphate State, which captured the billions of dollars in Mosul, and is daily income is estimated by experts, at about two million dollars.

The new image is that of a sponsor state of its followers, able to pay the monthly salaries of the fighters and the cost of their marriages, in addition to the allowances determined by the number of family members, in an entrenchment of the “nanny state” concept that ensure a decent living for its members, while practicing all forms of perversions in the killings of innocent people.

Perhaps the Islamic State today is the richest terrorist organization, after dominating oil wells (oil is the second most important source of funding for him), after they took over the oil fields in northern Syria; oil is traded by transporting it across the border into Turkey, which provides a regular income and a lot of money, which it is using now as a bait to hunt and induce young people to carry the ideology of the organization, and its dissemination in the region.

The second image is more dangerous, as the former may seem repulsive after the spread news and video clips that expose the Islamic State’s brutal practices, while the new image is attractive, especially for the unemployed and hopeless young generation, in communities burdened with limited job opportunities, and after the decline in the standard of living for many families.

What is concerning is that the Islamic State might find, through its radical ideology that is wrapped in religion, a chance to lure young Arabs who complain of marginalization and exclusion, so as to turn the conditions of today's youth against them and use them as a portal for the dissemination of this thought at a faster pace, which enables it to recruit more "jihadists", especially as the ability of states to mitigate youth problems are limited, if not non-existent, in the light of expectations that economic growth rates in the Middle East are going to be modest.

The discussions today revolve around the foundations of the Islamic State, while more importantly they should be about its sources of funding; regardless of its foundation, the organization now depends on self-financing sources, which makes largest and most serious challenge is immunizing young people and protect them from this trap.

The second risk is the Islamic State’s ability to acquire more modern weapons from the global market, not to mention those it already acquired in Iraq.

The only solution is to cut off those sources of funding, arming, and support such an organization as the Islamic State has, and to besiege it economically.

However, that goal has become difficult, given the nature of funding sources, which seem mostly today to be coming from the illegal headwaters available to it.

The bet today on the willingness of the world to declare war on the Islamic State is not guaranteed, and the implications of this state’s not being held responsible for what they are doing are clear.

In Jordan, the economic environment seems seem favorable to the wishes of the Islamic State, poverty and unemployment are on the rise, and the government's ability to make a quick jump in the economic landscape to a degree that reaches the young generation seem modest, for reasons that I have no place here to explain, which makes immunizing young people against this bloody thought a great challenge.

Because Jordan is a “non-oil country”, and solutions in it are always political, a clear breakthrough in political reforms - maximizing the participation of young people and their integration in the overall work partisan and political work and entrenching democracy and a civil state based on the rule of law and entrenching active citizenship – is capable of fortifying the society’s front against this destructive ideology, at least in this stage.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.