Amman Attorney General bars prosecuting Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 29 October / Oct 2014. 07:00 PM

By Ziad al-Dakheel

AMMAN — Amman Attorney General Judge Rami Tarawneh yesterday banned the prosecution of the al-Ghad Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Jumana Ghunaimat in the lawsuit filed against anonymous, based on Article 130/A of the criminal law, according to al-Ghad attorney Muhammad Qtaishat.

Tarawneh said the concerned article by Ghunaimat is “well within acceptable criticism that aims at bettering the performance and is not aimed to degrade the legislative authority and its members”.

Qtaishat said the article comes within the freedom of opinion, granted by the constitution.

Acting Editor in Chief of al-Ghad Newspaper colleague Jumana Ghunaimat appeared before Tarawneh earlier this month over the publication of a column titled “We are bored of your showing off… stop it!” that commented on some of the behaviors of the current MPs. 

During the session, the Attorney General charged Ghunaimat of not seeking the truth, in violation of Article 5 of the Press and Publications Law, not being objective and being unbalanced, in violation of Article 7/G of the same law, and cursing an official entity in violation of Article 191 of the Penal Code. 

 This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.