No surprises in Jerusalem

تم نشره في Sun 2 November / Nov 2014. 11:00 AM

By Aymand Safadi

The crimes committed by Israel in the Occupied Jerusalem do not come as a surprise; the Judaization of the holy city has been sought by it even before its occupation in 1967. All of its governments announced Jerusalem as its eternal capital, and all of its actions were aimed at obliterating the Arab-Islamic and Christian Jerusalem landmarks.

As such, the fierce campaign waged by Israel on Jerusalem cannot be considered as a change in policy; it is a reflection of its evaluation of its ability to impose changes towards achieving its goal.

Hunting opportunities is an action Israel perfected since its establishment of an illegitimate state on a land that is not its. Israel knew when to fight and when to compromise, and excelled in the military, political, and media wars.

In this context comes the Israeli escalation in Jerusalem. Israel looks at the Arab world and sees it in the weakest conditions; torn, slumped, and destroy by backwardness and collapse of civilization. It evaluates the international scene and finds it too weak to deter it.

So Israel has a good opportunity to impose a new change of the facts on the ground. Israel exploits this chance at the center of Jerusalem with unlimited support of an Israeli society that in knees deep in its own extremism and arrogance, who images that it could continue imposing policies saturated with hatred for all that is Palestinian and Arabic.

But they will not be able to change all the facts. The most important of these is the fact that the Palestinian people will remain, waiting for their chance to end the injustice and break the restrictions.

Israel is enjoying peace for years. This gave it an illusion that they can live safely while Palestinians suffer systematic oppression and murder, and that Israel can violate all that Jerusalem exemplifies — whether Palestinian, Arab and Islamic, or Christian — and so began to commit fatal errors.

The biggest of these mistakes is a belief that it will manage to steal the identity of Jerusalem and violate its holy sites without a price. But the price is coming.

Its violations will provoke a popular Palestinian reaction that will transgress it and put an end the peace Israel denied to the Palestinians. The Intifada is coming. When it explodes, it will be a necessary action that will break the illusion that the peace Israel is living can last amid Palestinian suffering.

Israel must suffer, even if a small part of what the Palestinians are suffering in their homeland. Israeli extremism will not recede unless the Israelis pay a price for their crimes. They will not stop their violations of rights of Palestinians and will not seek peace until they lose it.

Therefore, the Intifada seems inevitable despite its human, material, economic cost to a people who did not known but suffering since Israel stole their homeland.

Nobody is asking the Arab world to support, militarily, a possible Intifada; however, they can support the steadfastness of the Palestinians economically and politically. The time has come to crystallize a support plan to strengthen the Palestinians on their land and protect Jerusalem and its holy sites.

Additionally, Israel must be surrounded politically and legally. Jordan is making an intensive effort to achieve just that, but it will not be achieved without Arab support. Jordan should not be asked to achieve more than what it can, and should not be left alone.

Israel is upset by Jordan's efforts, especially by His Majesty King Abdullah efforts and their impact on building international pressure, and for that it will try to hurt Jordan, who never back down on the subject of Jerusalem.

Jordan will not back down now. And will put forth, as it confirmed, all of its options, including the peace treaty, on the table to protect Jerusalem. But before exhausting all the other options, it will make Israel’s attempt to harm it easier through an ill-timed cancellation of the peace treaty, which benefit Jordanians and the Palestinians, now, far more than Israel.




This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.