‘# Promise us you will test’*

تم نشره في Tue 4 November / Nov 2014. 07:51 PM

By Jumana Ghunaimat


It is self-evident that the owner of each vehicle should perform maintenance on his/her vehicle ahead of winter, including changing the windshield wipers, and making sure the brakes, oil, and other routine maintenance required.

The Public Security Department also readies, in their turn, supervise motorists, and makes sure they are committed to work on their cars tests. However, traffic police were absent from the streets of Amman yesterday; the city sunk into a traffic chaos as much as it sank in rainwater.

Furthermore, when considering the purchase of an old house, friends advise you to renovate it or do maintenance of the house, in order to ensure the safety of sanitation, electricity and water extensions and others, to prevent difficulties in the future.

Families, too, mobilizes before winter. With the expected first rain, they declare a state of emergency, which involves performing maintenance on heaters and stoves, and ensuring the availability of sufficient stocks of kerosene, gas and diesel; so as not to be surprised by an interruption in heating.

Perhaps some families dramatically exaggerate to a provocative degree, so much so that they start storing foods, not to mention bread and others of basic materials. In any case, everyone is getting ready for the season.

Preparation for winter is an old tradition embedded in the Jordanian culture, but apparently it did not reach the officials who are still surprised every year, so much so that we drown in their mistakes in the streets were repulsive and dangerous lakes suddenly form, and unfortunately cars are not prepared for that.

This is now our situation every winter. What happened in the year 2013 was repeated in 2014, even though the input did not differ significantly, and the pressure on the infrastructure has not increased from what it was.

The pictures posted by Jordanians last year across different media platforms, especially social media, and the jokes and ridicule they have made, all of which were a clear message and an expression of sublime civilized anger and dissatisfaction. But it seems that our officials did not receive that message, because they thought that the Jordanians were joking; while their cynicism was a question from the taxpayers: "What do you do with our money since you did not even manage to create a rainwater channels system?”

The officials did not learn their lesson, and we find the country plunges year after year, and winter after winter; and with it the suffering of children, families, and drivers.

It's simple and does not need explaining: the infrastructure needs maintenance; it is not plausible that we have to live another year of suffering, and with it we hear the same justifications and excuses.

Last year, officials said that the volume of rainfall was unprecedented … along with other excuses that mean the problem was exceptional inputs. But yesterday also we heard the same excuse and explanations that absolve the responsibility of these officials shortcomings and failures in the management of the winter crisis, which has become “normal”.

It seems that the rain will continue to surprise our “innocent” officials, who are victims of the "guilty" rains.

The solution, gentlemen, is in the formation of a crisis management team, involved in all relevant institutions, to recognize and radically address the weaknesses and shortcomings; we should not drown in water and jokes that Jordanians invent to express their displeasure in this season.

The best comment I heard yesterday was an appeal to the Greater Amman Municipality and the other municipalities, saying: "Dear GAM and municipalities, the early detection of sewer and water lines saves us of drowning #Promise us you will test”.


*Reference to a breast cancer campaign launched by the King Hussein Cancer Center, titled: “Promise us you will test”.


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.