Muath is a Jordanian Icon

تم نشره في Wed 4 February / Feb 2015. 12:55 AM

By Jumana Ghunaimat

Muath, you faced the terrorists with a pride that is not new to Jordanians.

You raise your head in the face of the killers as an eagle of Jordan.

You should be proud they killed you behind a cage as a lion fear even in captivity.

Our martyr to the Gardens of Eden, Jordan’s good son.

The terrorists did it. But even if the crime of murdering our pilot and son Muath al-Kasasbeh was expected, expecting the worst scenario, over the past few days, could not help us imagine horror of what we saw yesterday from the terrorist Islamic State (IS), even though we never expected from them anything but crimes of unspeakable cruelty.

The terrorists did it. They introduced new evidence that the war against them is inevitable. Muath came down his horse a knight that carries the banner of Jordan and in defense of moderate, tolerant Islam. He left us a hero, and returned a martyr resident in our consciousness and memory.

The ugly video that embodied the brutal face of an organization that is increasingly uglier by the day demonstrates that it was well thought of, but it was deliberate and took quite some time to produce, confirming IS lies throughout the negotiation period with Jordan. Muath’s outlook and beard that he sported confirmed that he was killed just days after he was taken hostage, and that all negotiations that took place during the last period were only a dirty trick to manipulate the Jordanians feelings who value of their son’s life, opposite to IS which trivializes the lives of human beings; Muslims and non-Muslims, civilians or military personnel.

Muath elevated to the Gardens of Eternity. However, the most important question now is: What is the position of Jordan and Jordanians of this crime and terrorism that reached virtually every Jordanian?

Muath who unified us since he was taken hostage, will also unify us after his death; all Jordanians now desire to take revenge for their son, all of us, especially since the murder was carried out in manner that denounces humanity.

Now, the terrorist organization will understand again what it experienced over the past few days; that the Jordanian front grew stronger with the tragedy and increased its determination to continue the war on IS and his ilk of terrorist organizations, pushing to eradicate them forever. Muath made this a war for all Jordanians.

The heinous crime and how it was displayed emphasizes that the organization is targeting Jordan and its people. It is a targeted agenda, based on hostility and hatred for all Jordanians. Therefore, it is the right of all Jordanians to demand revenge for Muath from the terrorists who threaten our present and the future of our children.

We have enough cards to play and conquer these terrorists, as they hurt us when we lost Muath. The first card is the execution of their terrorists today, and as soon as possible, so that the response for their heinous crime comes in, still, less than what it deserves. The death of Muath is not their first crime against us because we still remember, and are hurt, by the Amman bombings which took dozens of innocent victims.

IS crimes exceeded whatever the mind can imagine, even surpassed what was committed by the Nazis. Add to that, that these crimes are done in the name of Islam, which is completely innocent of such actions. That imposes on all Muslims to stand up, without the slightest hesitation, in the face of this terrorism that distorts their religion, as their identity and their image in the world.

Muath, the son, brother, fighter, and the pilot; as he unites us in pain, he unites us claim revenge, to force the terrorists to taste the same pain that we felt when we lost a beautiful, young man who did not commit a crime, but sacrificed his life in defense of his country, Jordan, and in defense of his religion, Islam.

The response will be big. Nobody will allow for Muath’s blood to be lost in vain. Vowing to avenge his death is not new, and I have personally heard it from His Majesty King Abdullah during a meeting with chief editors of Jordanian newspapers a few days ago; the King said, and I quote: "IS does not understand the Jordanian's mind."

Muath united us as a hero when he was taken hostage, and here is strengthen in our unity in his martyrdom. IS should think for a moment that they will succeed in breaking our front; Jordan is stronger than all their cunning and wickedness. Rather, Muath has exceeded the limits of the nation, and became a symbol of all the anti-terrorism throughout the world.


Muath today is a Jordanian icon that defies, in its eternal presence, all the darkness terrorism.


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition