A response that burns the hearts of terrorists

تم نشره في Wed 4 February / Feb 2015. 09:27 PM

By Fahed Khitan

Not only revenge. Yes, all Jordanians are angry, demanding a sufficient response; a response that burns the hearts of terrorists. The hero martyr Muath Kasasbeh deserves such a response and more. The family of the martyr that serves as an example for resilience and cohesion in the face of this barbaric act, is worthy of response to quench their thirst. The Jordanians who stood against the crime in pride and unity, and stood in a difficult moment united have the right to seek justice from the monsters. Muath’s comrades in the Arab army have the right to a response that shakes the strongholds of terrorists everywhere.

We all are all Muath, and we all have the right to revenge the blood of the great martyr. I am not exaggerating when I say that all of humanity was shocked by the horror of the crime and its ugliness, and wants revenge; in defense of our common values, and the maintenance of our humanity which is invaded by these radical groups.

We will take revenge. But that will not be enough to defeat the terrorists, and uproot them. The forces of good in every place in the world today unite in the face of the forces of evil. The world will not defeat terrorism if you do not stand together, and stops the injustices in our region and the whole world.

But this time, the Islamic State’s crime bounced against them. Even those who sympathize with it could not raise their heads in shame. Those hesitating have decided. Even the least reasonable person no longer hesitates to say: They are terrorists, killers, and should not be tolerated nor should we be reluctant to fight them.

The terrorists have lost the battle of pictures this time; Martyr Muath in his terrible torment defeated them. He is the first to defeat them, before aircraft and guns. The martyrdom of Muath is the beginning of the end for this deviant group, and the moment of break for its obscurantist ideology.

It is important for the world to hold on to this historic moment and not let it go by. It is important that we hold here in Jordan, this historic moment.

Revenging the blood of the martyr Muath, and all martyrs of terrorism, requires us all to fight the battle on all fronts. No space after today for bargaining with extremist groups and obscurantist. We have to be united, and all the political and cultural spectrums, to isolate and reject extremist ideology from our society.

This is the fair revenge on the terrorists, and this is the battle of all honorable Jordanians.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition